Capturing the stare of audience with perfect effects!


Intensity of light is one of the most crucial element in animation and emotional intensity of an element can be enhanced or reduced with various lighting setup.

Setting the perfect light intensity needs effective analysis, visualization and imagination before the complete component of animation is rendered.

High intensity lighting is used to create cameo effects in animation and appropriate intensity helps diffusing various light effects to enhance or reduce the element’s virtual existence.


Artistic direction can effectively illuminate the scene to add alluring effects. The directional light source must be rotated as per the scene requirement to add a dash of reality to the same.

The appropriate direction of light can emphasize the desired angle of the character or suppress its features seamlessly.

To monitor an element precisely, the rigged character needs to be moved in the direction of light and position along with the color of light must be adjusted accordingly.


Color palettes play the most vital function in animation. Diverse color elements and properties including tones, contrast, and hues can make or ruin the whole scene.

An array of colors are used to portray the moods, emotions, lighting and many other aspects of the characters in animation.

The colors and their tones must be chosen carefully to be used in each stage of the animation or video as the upright color schemes are the key contributors of the character’s effectiveness.

Effects & Shadows

Effects and shadows though are not mandatory in any animation yet they contribute to capture the audience attention and engage them if implemented appropriately.

A perfect blend of precise visual effects and colors helps in composting the characters using the right mix of transparency and color interaction.

Variety of color blends can be used to create distinct shadow effects to highlight the underlying character detail efficiently.

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