All about the text visualizations!

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the text focused animation fused with various visual effects such as expand, fit, shrink, slow motion movement, fly or similar. Kinetic typography forms an integral part of extensive web designing and web-based videos.

It is the most alluring way to emphasize on the text and engaging the audience with simple text by blending it with audio and other visual elements using Kinetic Typography video maker while boosting viewer’s bonding.

Also referred to as motion typography, kinetic typography integrates diverse movement styles with text seamlessly. Diverse effects such color, shadows, lighting, etc. can be used to move the text while highlighting the same for intonation and comprehensive emphasis.

Text Animation

The animated text adds a dash to any visualization and contributes in leaving an impact on viewer’s mind. Text animation is an art fused with technical skills to visualize how the text would create bonding with the reader while capturing the attention.

Varied text animation techniques can be used to move, grow, shrink and rotate the letters, words, and paragraphs altogether or level-wise along with many other motion paths.

Effective text animation can create astonishing text transitions while delivering even the most not-so-useful information beautifully. Typography animation offers a great technique to emphasize a specific element being used in information flow or enhancing the viewer’s interest.

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