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3D Modelling is the vital component of virtual reality that allows creation of three-dimensional virtual models of any object to be used in 3D graphics, animations or videos. Diverse industries including medical imaging, gaming, entertainment, 3D printing, marketing, manufacturing, and computer aided designing (CAD/ CAM) and many more extensively that need to draft 3D models of the objects to visually analyze the outcome produce.

Our creative 3d model designers use the most recent modeling software to create low and high-poly models with the eloquent visual quality addressing your specific business requirements. We work fingers to bones in crafting impeccable 3D models for any given product, idea or character using expert polygonal mesh and digital sculpting skillsets to serve you with world class 3D modeling services.


When a realistic 3D model is developed, textures need to be mapped to define the color information, surface texture and related details so as to produce the minute character details.

Our 3D artists deploy astonishing textures to the created models with UVW Mapping and using the most recent texturing tools including ZBrush, Photoshop, and Mudbox in addition to 3D texture mapping.

Out high-quality and rich 3D textured models are minutely detailed to reflect clothing, hair layers, eye and skin colors etc. thereby reflecting near-to complete live model with high degree of wrap-around to the modelled characters.


Rigging makes animation possible. Rigging adds to the skeleton creation of a 3D model thereby enabling it to move. A rigged character can be easily animated as it prevents deformation during movemnet.

Our rigging artists possess an eye for every tiny detail, precision, and creativity that allows us to deliver the expert 3D rigged models enabling the models look live and flawlessly movable.

Our comprehensive 3D animation rigging skills help us later in crafting the best ever animations for our esteemed clients.

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