Creating wonders with Visual Effects!

Simulation FX

Simulations are underlying assumptions and do not include any real-world factors. They are used to portray the behavior, functions and characteristics of the animation elements.

Simulation is exceedingly used in animation to demonstrate realistic effects alternative to the specific course of action that can be applied on human or natural systems for detailing the underlying features.

Virtual simulations can be used in body tracking, physical controllers, voice recognition, and computer graphics to mimic the actual scene before it is rendered completely.

Matte painting

Matte painting is the oldest technique used by Visual Effects Companies that helps studios to create environment illusions as of a film set, landscape or a distant location.

The matte painted images are used in combination with live footages to create seamless effects in the animation.

Skillful and artistic use of matte paintings can make the painted backgrounds look realistic and add to the animation and video using the movement integration on the static paintings.


Compositing fuses various sources of elements such as images etc. with visual elements thereby crafting illusions reflecting as parts of the same scene.

After all the stages of animation are achieved, compositing is the last stage that assembles diverse elements to render the final image for animation, printing or screen display.

Being foundation of VFX, effective compositing leads to generate spectacular scenes while diffusing varied pixels to composit in motion pictures.

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